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Come on in friend and welcome to Moody Bitch Candles! Don’t worry this is a safe space for you to unapologetically be yourself without judgement. Moody Bitch was created especially just for that purpose. As a woman have you ever been made to feel as though it was something wrong with you because you were too emotional or that you’re a bitch because you’re unapologetically in tune with your feelings and don’t care what others have to say? Well… I have unfortunately and if you’re anything like me you’ve gotten to the point not to giving a fuck what people have to say nor feel about it. I wanted to make a brand that is just as in tune and unapologetically loud with being that moody bitch if that means I’m able to not deny myself to be me. No matter if that’s being bold in that moment, feeling sexy and confident or even fed up. So be loud and proud of what ever you’re feeling at this current moment you have the right to be able to ride that wave of emotion until it turns into another one boo! Light your Moody Bitch Candle turn your mood all the way up and say fuck the world because me and my emotions good or bad are here to stay! With that being said all I have left to tell you is welcome baby! Welcome to the family and continue to love yourself. Dance through it, cry through it or scream through it with ya sexy, bold and emotional ass! Moody Bitch Candles is here and will forever be here with a lit ass candle that’ll help you embrace you!

The confidence to own your mood
Moody Bitch Candles
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