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How It Works

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Our candles are not only unique in their scents, but also in their sounds. We collaborate with local musicians from different cities to create custom songs for each candle. These songs match the mood and the fragrance of the candle, and showcase the musical diversity and creativity of each city. Every time someone download or stream a song from Moody Bitch Candles you're not only enjoying a song custom created by a local artist you're also showing your support and helping them get paid from their music! You can access the songs by scanning a QR code that's located on the inside of your candle box, and enjoy the music while you light up your mood.
                -Visit our Artist page to check out all of our amazing Musicians!

How to download your music

Moody Bitch Sunrhe
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                              Play Me

Artist -Sunrhe


Open your candle box and  locate the qr code that's inside the box.


Once you have downloaded the song. Light your candle and enjoy the custom made song that your candle and mood!


Feel free to use your dope new song on any of your social media post.


Scan your qr code to access your free download


Dance your heart away.. or you can soak in the tub too..


Welcome to the first and the best to ever do it!!

Stay Moody!!

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